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Digital support for caregivers

How can people who care for relatives in need of care be supported? In the You+Care project, Samuel Wehrli and Barbara Baumeister (both ZHAW, Department of Social Work) are working with Jürgen Späth (ZHdK, Department of Design) together with We+Tech and Pro Aidants, the association for coordinating the concerns of caregivers of people in need of help and care, to develop an app for caregiving relatives, who often suffer from high stress. The preliminary project is being carried out with Alzheimer Zurich. An overview study of existing digital applications concerning stress and mental health in other contexts is being conducted by Verena Klamroth-Marganska (ZHAW, Department of Health). The digital application You+Care introduces stress management, helps with targeted interventions and networks with professionals. The support can prolong the care relationship and reduce health care costs.

Dr. Samuel Wehrli, ZHAW Soziale Arbeit

Barbara Baumeister, ZHAW Soziale Arbeit, Institut für Vielfalt und gesellschaftliche Teilhabe

Prof. Jürgen Späth, ZHdK Departement Design, Interaction Design

Practice partners

Pro Aidants


Running time: 2021-2023