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Playfully train writing motor skills

Development of a serious game to support writing difficulties

Writing difficulties are one of the most common learning disorders among school children and affect participation in school. Writing difficulties can lead to emotional frustration and lowered self-esteem, as well as prevent children from showing what they know in school. These issues clearly show that there is a need for interventions to improve writing skills. However, motivating children to participate in regular training sessions is challenging and often limits the effectiveness of existing training programs. To address this problem, Serious Educational Games offer a promising approach.

The project team has developed a prototype of a serious game to train writing difficulties and has already tested its functionality and acceptance with children. The game is to be further developed in order to test the effectiveness of the training in a pilot study.

Dr. Annina Zysset, ZHAW Gesundheit

Prof. Dr. Frank Wieber, ZHAW Gesundheit

Prof. Dr. Christina Schulze, ZHAW Gesundheit

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Götz, ZHdK Game Design

Prof. Dr. Reto Luder, PHZH Zentrum für Inklusion und Gesundheit in der Schule

Running time: 2022-2023