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Government as/is a platform

Orchestrating those involved in the refugee crisis through digital platforms in the Canton of Zurich

The project takes advantage of digital platforms and their principles to improve coordination and orchestration of relevant actors in the Canton of Zurich in the context of the Ukraine crisis.

The intended orchestration framework should bring added value to all stakeholders involved. In particular, it targets current and future beneficiaries of protection who are fleeing or in a precarious situation and are therefore in need of reliable, verified information and services. People on the run need better orientation in the flood of data in order to be able to use the available range of assistance services, but also to be able to answer questions about registration, social support, finding accommodation and general life in Switzerland. The orchestration framework can be used as a basis for improving the contact points for those affected by war.

The cantonal public administration will also benefit from the framework by consolidating the engagement of civil society and the private sector with the resources of the state and better orchestrating their cooperation. This will help address the acute problems in the Ukraine crisis. A well thought-out platformisation of public administration can also contribute to increasing the efficiency and resilience of state organisations. Thanks to the framework, civil society and private sector actors receive guidance on how to establish cooperation with the state and make it more efficient.

Dr. Liudmila Zavolokina, Universität Zürich, Digital Society Initiative

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schwabe, Universität Zürich, Department of Informatics

Dr. Mario Angst, Universität Zürich, Digital Society Initiative

Dzmitry Katsiuba, Universität Zürich, Department of Informatics

Inna Vashkite, PhD, Universität Zürich, Department of Informatics

Practice partners:

Staatskanzlei Kanton Zürich, Digitale Verwaltung und E-Government

Campax AG

Running time: 2022-2023