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Zurich Applied Digital Health Center

A practice lab for patient-centred clinical innovation

The Zurich Applied Digital Health Center researches digital health solutions in the hospital context and implements them efficiently and with practical relevance. Core topics are the research of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM), Patient Empowerment, Remote Monitoring and related technologies together with hospitals, industry partners and universities.

The need for digital health research and for concrete infrastructures to enable clinical data science is high. So far, there is no platform in Switzerland that enables and supports the transfer of clinical PROM research into clinical practice. The Zurich Applied Digital Health Center brings together experts from clinics, research, development and industry and integrates the currently still individually operating institutions in an innovative structure.

As a core project, the centre is developing a PROM platform that includes a digital PROM infrastructure and higher-level governance. This platform will be used to research new mobile technologies for the collection and analysis of patient data.
The Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich coordinates the treatment of cancer patients at the University Hospital. In this collaboration, new procedures for the continuous observation of patients can be developed and treatment results evaluated using the latest data science methods. In exchange with Balgrist University Hospital, criteria for improving surgical results are being developed. The Zurich Applied Digital Health Center organises the research infrastructure and develops solutions and processes together with the clinics in a safe and secure framework with the aim of making them usable in clinical practice.
Together with clinics, industry partners and universities, a digital Zurich ecosystem is thus being established in the healthcare sector on a sustainable basis. By launching digital innovations that lead to sustainable improvements in medical care and healthcare, Zurich is positioned as a “Smart Health City”. 

Core team:

Prof. Dr. Sven Hirsch, ZHAW Life Sciences und Facility Management, Center for Computational Health

Prof. Dr. Michael Krauthammer, UZH, Department of Quantitative Biomedicine

Prof. Dr. Kurt Stockinger, ZHAW School of Engineering, Intelligent Information Systems

Prof. Dr. Claudia Witt, UZH, Institute for Complementary and Integrative Medicine, Digital Society Initiative

Dr. Philipp Ackermann, ZHAW School of Engineering, Focus Area Human-Centered Computing

Research partner:

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Nikola Biller-Andorno, UZH Institut für Biomedizinische Ethik und Medizingeschichte

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Andreas Wicki, UZH, Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich (CCCZ)

Prof. Dr. David Blum, UZH, Competence Center Palliative Care

Practice partner: 

USZ, Universitätsspital Zürich

Universitätsklinik Balgrist

Roche Diagnostics

Running time: 2022 – 2027