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10 DIZH projects for more visibility and networking

As part of the 1st Outreach Call in the DIZH innovation program, 10 projects are being funded that not only increase the visibility of digital innovations, but also promote an engaged and critical discourse on their impact.

The aim of the outreach call is to make the impact of digital innovations within the DIZH visible and to initiate a dialogue across various stakeholder groups. The projects, from the hackathon to the MasterClass to the comedy show, focus on new communication formats. At the same time, they promote dialogue and knowledge transfer between society, culture, politics, administration and business on relevant digital transformation topics.

Swiss Smart City Outreach contributes to the development of smart and sustainable cities and municipalities in the canton of Zurich. Conversations with Stanley and  SciComm meets Comedy promote critical dialogue about technology and its social impact in a low-threshold and entertaining way. Exergames for Health reduces barriers to the use of exergames in the healthcare sector, while the MindfulPacer platform enables the exchange of pacing strategies for those affected by Long COVID. HackEOn empowers participants to use satellite data for sustainable natural resource management. The Data Donation Day raises awareness of the donation of digital trace data and strengthens collaboration between researchers. The community platform to promote Augmented Reality (AR) Patterns strengthens cooperation between UX designers and software developers. Digital MasterClass Canton of Zurich and Apéro Digital facilitate knowledge transfer and dialogue between politics, business and society.

Together, the projects form a multifaceted mosaic of digital innovations that not only increases the visibility of the DIZH, but also strengthens the networking of stakeholders and dialogue with the public – the basis for a responsible digital future. Financial support for these projects is provided via the DIZH special loan with a maximum funding amount of CHF 50,000 per project and the equal contribution of matching funds by the universities. The maximum duration is 18 months.

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The innovation program is a central instrument of the DIZH. Various innovation projects between Zurich’s universities and the private and public sectors in the field of digitalisation aim to bring research findings closer to practice and make them available for application. Conversely, the needs and experiences of the application partners should flow into science. The following characteristics of innovation are essential here: willingness to take risks, disciplinary diversity, value creation and collaboration. The innovation program’s funding is awarded in transparent, competitive procedures. Within the framework of calls for proposals, the best projects submitted are selected by a joint jury of the partner universities and supported in accordance with the available financial framework. Different calls for proposals are launched each year.