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Education program

The education program aims to use the DIZH network to facilitate innovative developments in teaching, education and digitalization. It should also support DIZH partner institutions in creating a teaching framework that can benefit from the potential offered by digital transformation.

The Coordination Committee Education Program creates synergies between the activities of the partner universities.
The program promotes educational initiatives that can affect not only the academic world but the entire professional spectrum.

To understand today’s society as a whole and to be able to study successfully, you have to understand what “digitalization” is. Therefore, basic digital competencies are needed. The aim of the online lecture Studium Digitale, specially developed by University of Zurich / DSI, is to give students at Bachelor level a first introduction to this broad and complex topic. The four building blocks of Studium Digitale are “Data & Information”, “Programming and Computational Thinking”, “Digital Society” and “Studying Digitally”.

The Digital Campus is a platform for online education. It is an extension and complement to the ZHAW’s on-site educational offerings. Our aim is to promote time- and location-independent study.

ZHAW-Angebote auf edX
Swiss MOOC Services

The Digital Skills & Spaces program at ZHdK strengthens skills and develops spaces for collaboration in everyday working life.