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Making in the classroom

School-related creation and testing of OER modules Making – a simple “making”, a “doing it yourself”, a “tinkering” and “experimenting” provides on the one hand a high degree of freedom in the learning and teaching process. On the other hand, Making offers the opportunity to offer motivating and interdisciplinary… Read More »Making in the classroom

Virtual reality as a learning venue for basic vocational training

Action Competence through Immersive Learning Experiences Using the example of a prototypical learning unit, the didactic and design factors for an effective use of VR for basic vocational education in Switzerland and in a developing country are examined, and a business and operating model for the production and distribution… Read More »Virtual reality as a learning venue for basic vocational training


Leveraging Deep Learning to Assess Upper Limb Kinematics after Stroke with Off-the-shelf Webcams We develop and validate a camera-based compensation classifier (“3C”) for tele-neurorehabilitation to discriminate normal arm-movements from those with compensation. The algorithm can be used with a webcam alone or in combination with inertial measurement unit (IMU).  This… Read More »Tele-Assessment

Planet Digital Exhibition at Museum für Gestaltung Zürich On view: February 11 – June 6, 2022 Self-learning algorithms, rare earths, and robots bestowing blessings: In the exhibition Planet Digital, mounted by the University of Zurich and the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, innovative research teams meet up with creative minds from… Read More »Planet Digital


A house owned by no one but itself The project enhances Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and supports practitioners in the design and implementation of DAOs. For the first time, a DAO owning physical (and not only digital) assets is studied. For this, the No1s1 prototype is built – a physical… Read More »no1s1


A collaborative environment to embrace deep uncertainties in decision making on climate risks Climate change impacts will become more pronounced in the next decades. Decision on climate risks is riddled with deep uncertainties. We plan to co-design and deploy a decision support system which assist decision makers, businesses and city… Read More »DSS_Embrace

Transformation of the textile industry from push to pull production through digitalization

Development of a platform on which clothing can be digitally tried on and purchased using a personal 3D avatar. The platform integrates all players in the supply chain and, by switching from push to pull production, has the potential to liberalize the textile industry in a disruptive way and make… Read More »Transformation of the textile industry from push to pull production through digitalization