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CYREN ZH: Cyber Resilience Network For The Canton Of Zurich

How can we better protect ourselves from cyber threats? The answer to this question is as complex as cyber security itself, because the right balance must always be found between technical possibilities and political, social and economic interests. The increasing digitalisation of critical infrastructures in particular poses a challenge. While it… Read More »CYREN ZH: Cyber Resilience Network For The Canton Of Zurich

Economic priorities in post-war Ukraine

The purpose of the project is to help enable economic and structural reforms which can be implemented once peace is achieved in Ukraine. Among other things, it will incorporate insights from Switzerland with regard to decentralised administration and digital transformation. Working with the Ukrainian Government and key policymakers and scholars… Read More »Economic priorities in post-war Ukraine

Government as/is a platform Orchestrating those involved in the refugee crisis through digital platforms in the Canton of Zurich The project takes advantage of digital platforms and their principles to improve coordination and orchestration of relevant actors in the Canton of Zurich in the context of the Ukraine crisis. The intended orchestration framework… Read More »Government as/is a platform