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The DIZH Innovation program supports nine projects to overcome the last mile

Researchers in the Canton of Zurich are responding to immediate challenges with measures that can be implemented quickly. With the Call for Rapid Action proposals, the DIZH supports the realisation of innovative solutions. These are based on interdisciplinary cooperation between the UZH, ZHAW, ZHdK and PHZH, with the involvement of… Read More »The DIZH Innovation program supports nine projects to overcome the last mile

Off to Planet Digital!

Self-learning algorithms, rare earths, and robots bestowing blessings: In the exhibition Planet Digital, mounted by the University of Zurich and the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, innovative research teams meet up with creative minds from the fields of design and art. In around 25 installations, they invite visitors to experience the… Read More »Off to Planet Digital!

12 new digitisation projects start the new year with funding

ZHAW digital is again awarding funding for digitisation projects in 2022. The “Digital Futures Fund” (DFF) promotes innovations and projects with overarching benefits. Since 2020, ZHAW digital has been awarding funds to support special digitisation projects. ZHAW employees receive up to CHF 20’000 for the twelve newly funded projects. The… Read More »12 new digitisation projects start the new year with funding

Kick-off event Maker-Space Leutschenbach

Wednesday, 26 January 2022, from 3:00 pmFor teachers of the “Making in the classroom” project In the spirit of an open workshop, various stations for free experimentation will be presented. Exciting and fascinating activities for the classroom will be explored using various tools and instruments, e.g. on 3D printing, digital… Read More »Kick-off event Maker-Space Leutschenbach

“Weissbuch Corona” – Lessons on the Pandemic

In the interdisciplinary collection “Weissbuch Corona”, observations, analyses and evaluations on the impact of the Corona crisis in Switzerland were compiled by around forty experts. DSI Directors Abraham Bernstein and Florent Thouvenin also contributed and wrote about the “information crisis” that accompanied the Corona crisis. Further information on the “Weissbuch… Read More »“Weissbuch Corona” – Lessons on the Pandemic

Practice writing while gaming

Up to a third of schoolchildren have fine motor difficulties that become noticeable when writing. A new digital game, which is being developed at the ZHAW’s Department of Health together with partners from ZHdK and PHZH, aims to make practicing fun.

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The smart hospital of the future

Together with Swiss universities and industry partners, the ZHAW is researching how hospitals can implement the digital transformation.

Modern forms of organization, digital technologies such as virtual reality or artificial intelligence, and the networking of processes and data can turn the hospital into an intelligent system and increase quality and efficiency. For three and a half years, a consortium led by the ZHAW is researching how this transformation to the hospital of the future can be implemented – together with four other research partners, around 20 hospitals and 24 industry partners. The research project “Smart Hospital – Integrated Framework, Tools & Solutions” (SHIFT) will run until June 2025. It has a total budget of 5.7 million Swiss francs and is supported as a flagship project by Innosuisse, the Swiss agency for innovation promotion.

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DIZH Apéro for the international workshop “Writing Technology”

Researchers from the USA and Europe met at the ZHAW in early December for an exchange on the digitization of writing. The meeting was hosted by DIZH Fellow Christian Rapp from the Center for Innovative Didactics at the School of Management and Law. The SNSF-funded meeting was prompted by a book project on digital writing technologies, the results of which were exchanged and discussed.

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A legal framework for artificial intelligence

On November 10, the results of this year’s DSI Strategy Lab were presented at DSI. These met with lively interest: over 120 people followed the presentation of the position paper “A Legal Framework for Artificial Intelligence”.

On Monday, 29.11.21, we will present the position paper in Bern. As part of the Parldigi MasterClass, we get the opportunity to present our work to digital-savvy parliamentarians. This last MasterClass 2021 is open to the public and will be streamed live from 10.15 am.

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