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E-learning programs for seniors

The Revolutionizing Education60+ team develops e-learning programs for senior citizens. The high-quality academic education programs are age-appropriate and accessible. Education providers can use the user-friendly e-learning platform and course content. The project builds a bridge between traditional educational offerings and the needs of the older generation. Learn more In… Read More »E-learning programs for seniors

TikTok and the privacy of teenagers

TikTok is particularly popular with young people and has been criticized for its low data protection standards, among other things. A recent study examined for the first time how young people aged 12 to 18 manage their privacy on TikTok with regard to personal videos. Text: Johanna Seiwald, ZHAW digital… Read More »TikTok and the privacy of teenagers

New further training in Cyber Security

Information security, data protection and the human factor: The CAS Cyber Risk Awareness teaches concepts and practice from psychology, communication and IT in order to sensitize relevant stakeholders to cyber risks and positively influence the security culture of an organization. Learn more The new program was created within the DIZH… Read More »New further training in Cyber Security

Less Hate Online

When wars break out in places such as Gaza or Ukraine, hate comments have a field day. They poison the debate on the internet and are a threat to democracy. Political scientist Karsten Donnay is looking into how to also establish social norms online. Hate comments on the internet are… Read More »Less Hate Online

Technology Outlook

Dr. Ning Wang, a DIZH projects leader and the lead of The BRIDGE Lab, serves as one of the 36 Ambassadors of the «Technology Outlook» – flagship publication of the Swiss Academy of the Engineering Sciences (SATW). The «Technology Outlook» is a comprehensive guide through tomorrow’s tech landscape, offering a panoramic view of current technologies and their potential. It serves… Read More »Technology Outlook

From smart vacuum cleaners to data vacuum cleaners: the Internet of Things – useful or a security gap?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is arguably here to stay. By the end of 2024, more than 207 billion devices are expected to be connected to the global network of tools, toys, appliances and gadgets, according to Forbes . However, in addition to increased efficiency and convenience, the IoT also brings… Read More »From smart vacuum cleaners to data vacuum cleaners: the Internet of Things – useful or a security gap?

Easter in 2054

Although the pandemic paved the way for new digital worship formats, the wave of digitalisation hoped for in the churches fell short of expectations. Nevertheless, innovative forms of religious communication are emerging. UZH theologian Thomas Schlag examines the extent to which generative AI is enriching, using the example of Easter.… Read More »Easter in 2054