Call for structure proposals

The most extensive funds of the innovation program are used for calls for proposals for ecosystem creation (Structure calls). DIZH supports long-term innovation structures over a period for up to 5 years to create organizational forms that outlast DIZH

We are pleased to invite you to the Call for structure proposals information session on December 8. 

Please read the further information in the program concept and rules and the answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Only applications submitted via the portal will be considered.

The portal does not allow caching and/or post-processing. We recommend that you have all information ready in advance.

It is mandatory that the following documents be uploaded to the portal as individual PDFs:

  • CVs and publications of all applications
  • Application template incl. project plan
  • Budget template incl. guidelines
  • Confirmation of the university(ies) for the provision of the required matching funds
  • Letter(s) of Intent of the practice partners 


8 December 2021
1 February 2022

Deadline for submissions ends at 22:00.

May 2022

Funding decisions


Office Innovation program DIZH
Dr. Rebecca Brauchli, Gabriele Biller, Manuel Bamert

For inquiries regarding matching funds and other questions regarding financing and the call, please contact: