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The “UZH Digital Society Initiative” (DSI) is a scientific institution supported by all faculties of the University of Zurich (UZH) and open to all members of the UZH. It aims to promote independent scientific reflection and innovation on issues relating to the digital society, to prepare UZH students to help shape the digital society, to engage in a continuous discourse with the public and to support political decision-making.

The digital transformation is here! This comes with great opportunities, and challenges people, institutions and structures with new questions. To live up to our responsibility as a public educational and research institution, we are addressing this topic holistically by asking: “What does digital transformation mean for us as people, university and society?”

Art, design and communication are experimental fields for a critical analysis of the possibilities of digitalization. In exploring the interaction between digitalization and the arts, researchers, teachers and students at ZHdK highlight topics of general social relevance.

Digital transformation continues to affect all areas of life and poses new challenges to science, society, and the education system. The Zurich University of Teacher Education (PH Zurich) shapes technological development while insisting on values and competencies such as creativity, critical thinking and empathy. In this sense, it continues its research and development work on innovative teaching-learning processes and contributes to digital innovations in teaching and learning.