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DSI Bridge Postdoc Call

We are looking for researchers (PhD’s) who are at the beginning of their academic career and are conducting interdisciplinary research on topics that are closely related to digitalisation and its impact on society. Possible research fields include digital health, digital ethics, religion and digitalisation, digital humanities, legal tech, etc. The… Read More »DSI Bridge Postdoc Call

DSI Infrastructure & Lab

DSI Infrastructures & Labs are jointly usable infrastructures or structural vessels that are intended to generate collaborative settings for research – naturally always with reference to the digital transformation. Synergies and new forms of cooperation are to be made possible from the bundling of existing competences and people. We are… Read More »DSI Infrastructure & Lab

The Future of Work

DSI LECTURE SERIES 2022 Over the past three months, we have intensively studied the future of the world of work: We have learned, for example, that a healthy dose of humour never hurts in everyday working life. We now know what challenges food delivery workers on bicycles have to deal… Read More »The Future of Work

EWAF’22 @Digital Society Initiativ

On June 8 and 9, 48 researchers met for the first European Workshop on Algorithmic Fairness (EWAF’22) at the premises of the Digital Society Initiative. This research field revolves around the question of how fairness can be understood and evaluated in the age of algorithms. As such research often focuses… Read More »EWAF’22 @Digital Society Initiativ

Open PhD Positions “Supporting Developers’ Workflows and Flow at Work”

The Human Aspects of Software Engineering Lab (HASEL) at the Institute of Computer Science at UZH invites applications for two fully funded PhD student positions. For your PhD, you will work in the HASEL group on high-impact research at the intersection of empirical software engineering and human computer interaction. The… Read More »Open PhD Positions “Supporting Developers’ Workflows and Flow at Work”

Open Positions at the DSI

Multiple research assistant positions are open in various DSI projects ranging from the implementation of sustainable development goals to the societal acceptance of drones to the orchestration of stakeholders in crisis situations through digital platforms. SDGnets@ZH Project: 2 Wissenschaftliche Hilfsassistenzen (20-30 %) Societal Acceptance of Drones in Urban Switzerland (SADUS): Research Assistant… Read More »Open Positions at the DSI

White Paper “ELSI of Big Data”

The social acceptance of Big Data solutions depends crucially on the correct handling of ethical, legal and social issues. Within the framework of NRP 75, a task force was set up to deal with these issues. The following are the contributions of DSI representatives: Big Data and Digital Sovereignty by… Read More »White Paper “ELSI of Big Data”

Should robots save people?

The video podcast of the same name explores this question and the question why the Swiss Armed Forces could also use rescue robots one day. Urgent questions on the topic are explained – on a technical, ethical and legal level. A collaboration with the Swiss Drone and Robotics Centre SDRZ… Read More »Should robots save people?

From “Good” to “Ethical” Drones

What is needed to turn “good” drones used for humanitarian purposes into “ethical” drones? And how can ethical values be integrated in the use and development of new technologies? Dr. Ning Wang reports on the role of the DSI in helping humanitarian organizations integrate ethical values into innovation practices.  Ning… Read More »From “Good” to “Ethical” Drones