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Modularised platform for medical image data (MMIP)

The modularised platform for medical image data allows the fast and simple implementation of approaches from research by means of seamless integration of modules and intelligent control of the data flow and thus accelerates the clinical evaluation of innovative approaches (“rapid prototyping”). PD Dr. Andreas Hötker, Universität Zürich, Institut für… Read More »Modularised platform for medical image data (MMIP)

AUTODIDACT: Automated Video Data Annotation to Empower the ICU Cockpit Platform for Clinical Decision Support

We propose a software that uses latest computer vision models to produce useful annotations such as patient movement and interventions by staff from patient bedside video data acquired by the ICU Cockpit IT platform. This tool will improve patient health outcomes and is the “last mile” in the development of… Read More »AUTODIDACT: Automated Video Data Annotation to Empower the ICU Cockpit Platform for Clinical Decision Support

LEAD – LEarning from the pAst

Implementation of the data & visualization hub LEAD – LEarning from the pAst: Digitized past pandemics in Switzerland History offers scenarios from past pandemics. In Switzerland, these past experiences have been too little researched, they are not present. We currently digitize large amounts of historical data. Now, we aim to… Read More »LEAD – LEarning from the pAst

Playfully train writing motor skills

Development of a serious game to support writing difficulties Writing difficulties are one of the most common learning disorders among school children and affect participation in school. Writing difficulties can lead to emotional frustration and lowered self-esteem, as well as prevent children from showing what they know in school. These… Read More »Playfully train writing motor skills

Deep Brain Vessel Profiler

Enhancing Brain Angiograms for Personalized Stroke Management The architecture of the supplying brain blood vessels impacts the occurrence and severity of stroke. DeepBVP will extract the Circle of Willis from MRA, automatically annotate vessel segments and characterize them morphologically and topologically. We employ deep learning methods with a solid knowledge… Read More »Deep Brain Vessel Profiler


Digital support for caregivers How can people who care for relatives in need of care be supported? In the You+Care project, Samuel Wehrli and Barbara Baumeister (both ZHAW, Department of Social Work) are working with Jürgen Späth (ZHdK, Department of Design) together with We+Tech and Pro Aidants, the association for… Read More »You+Care


Design and Evaluation of a Digital Exergame-Based Solution for Effective and Attractive Sports Rehabilitation We will advance the ExerCube, a success story of digital transformation, for rehabilitation. It will allow safe and motivating trainings of physical and cognitive aspects and ameliorate the return to sport of injured athletes. We test… Read More »ExerCube


Leveraging Deep Learning to Assess Upper Limb Kinematics after Stroke with Off-the-shelf Webcams We develop and validate a camera-based compensation classifier (“3C”) for tele-neurorehabilitation to discriminate normal arm-movements from those with compensation. The algorithm can be used with a webcam alone or in combination with inertial measurement unit (IMU).  This… Read More »Tele-Assessment