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Histories for the Global Present. Digital Co-Creation in School and Museum

Historical collection objects have a lot to tell about the global interconnections of our present. Often, however, they lack a contemporary translation. The project is developing a digital mediation platform that enables students to question the objects themselves and place them in new contexts. Core team:  Prof. Dr. Sophia Prinz,… Read More »Histories for the Global Present. Digital Co-Creation in School and Museum

The Museum of the Future

The project examines the potentials, areas of application and implementation possibilities around digitality for a forward-looking museum practice. Knowledge is being developed that will make the museums in the canton of Zurich fit for the future, but also invites the population to expand its knowledge in the field of digitalisation.… Read More »The Museum of the Future

Designing Podcasts

This project is the first to combine media dramaturgical analyses of German-language podcasts with the media-psychological motives of individual listeners: “Story Design for Podcasts”. The result: a practical handbook, a conference, workshops for creative professionals in the field of podcasting. Core team:  Hans Knobloch, ZHdK Departement Design Caroline Feder, ZHdK Departement… Read More »Designing Podcasts

Potentials of Advanced Text Technologies: Machine Learning-based Text Recognition (PATT)

To the website of PATT The recognition of complex layouts and manuscripts, among others by ATR, is far advanced. Today, their processing in research and memory institutions is on the verge of a quantum leap. The project establishes an expert group and a teaching module on new working methods. In… Read More »Potentials of Advanced Text Technologies: Machine Learning-based Text Recognition (PATT)

LEAD – LEarning from the pAst

Implementation of the data & visualization hub LEAD: Digitized past pandemics in Switzerland Project state closed Project start April 2022 Funding duration 14 month Universities involved UZH, ZHAW Practice partner Funding amount DIZH CHF 77'000 When new health crises emerge, such as the Covid 19 pandemic, people tend to… Read More »LEAD – LEarning from the pAst

Research Video in Modcast format

The project is based on a 4-year, SNF research project that enables videos, texts as well as other elements into an intuitively navigable and long-term stable publication form. The “last mile” of this project realizes long-term archiving and low-threshold accessibility. Dr. Gunter Lösel, ZHdK Darstellende Künste und Film Charlotte Axelsson, ZHdK… Read More »Research Video in Modcast format


Fostering Productive Work in Hybrid Workplaces through an Ambient Display Project state closed Project start March 2022 Funding duration 15 months Universities involved UZH Practice partner Funding amount DIZH CHF 76'000 The goal of this project was to have a positive impact on the productivity and well-being of knowledge workers… Read More »FlowLight

Planet Digital Exhibition at Museum für Gestaltung Zürich On view: February 11 – June 6, 2022 Self-learning algorithms, rare earths, and robots bestowing blessings: In the exhibition Planet Digital, mounted by the University of Zurich and the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, innovative research teams meet up with creative minds from… Read More »Planet Digital